About Us

Every Picture Tells A Story

“Every picture tells a story” is a quote that I’ve taken to heart since I took my first pictures on a school trip in 1978 with a little Kodak 110 instamatic camera. My love for photography has grown ever since. Taking pictures of friends, family, concerts and sporting events was always a big hobby of mine through high school and into college until I took a photojournalism class at Texas A&M. The rest as they say, is history. As a class of ’87 Aggie, I was on the Aggieland staff for several years, and had had many photos published in the Battalion and local papers.

Memoir Photography opened for business in 1989 and brought a new and fresh perspective to the wedding photography scene. Using my photojournalism techniques, lessons, and experiences, Memoir quickly became one of the area’s leading photography studios. Over the years, I have photographed more than 700 weddings, both in the US and abroad. Italy, Scotland and Ireland are some of the exotic locations where I have been fortunate enough to work.

My attention to detail and personal commitment to each and every client opened doors into the sport and dance arenas, and I have been photographing thousands of kids ever since, in every sport imaginable. Every person we work with is the most important, and we go the extra mile that others companies do not. As a huge sports fan, I have the knack for anticipating what and where the next play is, so my images are always in the heart of the action.

Telling stories is what I do, capturing all the wonderful emotions that we call life. The love and devotion between and bride and her groom, the grit and determination of a ballplayer, or the innocence of a child. It’s your story through my lens. Nothing contrived or made up, always personal. Let me tell your story.

Russell James
Photojournalist and owner